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We sat down with Tiffany Jones a photography-based artist to discuss her practice and inspiration behind the series, Black 2012. She is a Maryland Institute of the Arts (MICA) graduate and resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

I wanted to do a piece from my thesis that really raised questions and this was during the time right before Trayvon Martin. So as I am doing all my research, Travyon Martin happens. This is a crazy time where the Black community it trying to come together, but so much is broken and people are lost.

I feel like my generation is a generation where we are in-between. We had our older parents who have taught us our history, and we know the importance of that. And then we have the generation right under us, our kids, where we are trying to get them to understand what we learned but pop culture and social media is having such an influence that we are kind of getting lost. Well we are getting lost.

TJones- BLACK 2012 Stand (3A)TAC

TJones- BLACK 2012 Stand (3B)TAC
“Stand”, from the series BLACK, 2012, Digital C Print, 24” x 60”

This piece is Stand, and for this piece I focused only on my feet. It is a way of taking a stand and waiting at the same time. We know we want to take a stand but sometime we do not know really know what that means or what we should do or how involved we should get. I placed this “Waiting Room for White Only” right beneath because it symbolizing taking that step forward to do something, or taking that step forward to recognize and identify what it is to be American. I would try to replay what was happening but what is meant for me personally. I was asking myself that question. I put myself in the picture instead and interpreted it in my own way, but made it a universal question at the same time. When you see theses signs, ‘Who is colored?’ especially in America. It is such a melting pot. ‘What does it mean to be black?’ and ‘How do we know where to begin to know who we are?’

A lot of my stuff is fine art and it deals with the community and it deals with the people

About Tiffany Jones: Tiffany’s topical opinions are showcased through her photography. But often her work delves deeper to further welcome her audience in her photos. Allowing her work to be influenced by those around her, she often includes others through interviews and additional research and collaboration. Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Jessica Stafford Davis

Author: Jessica Stafford Davis

The Agora Culture launched in July, 2013 with a private reception in Mclean, Virginia for Mequitta Ahuja, a world-renowned mixed media artist. Subsequently, she co-curated her first exhibition, “Women as Color Light and Form”, with the Galerie Myrtis in Baltimore, Maryland. The exhibition was a part of Network Exhibition Sondheim awards for the 2013 Artscape festival, America’s largest free arts festival. Jessica currently serves on the board at The Washington Project of the Arts and the George Mason University School of Art Council.

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