Are You Ready to Start An Art Collection?

Here are the steps to create an investment-grade collection.

Create Your Personal Art Collection With Three Easy Steps

We know the thought of collecting art can be a little scary, but we want to dispel a few myths and provide you with three easy steps to building your fine arts collection.

Here are 1-2-3 easy steps to prepare you for collecting art and creating a sustainable collection that you will love.

What’s even better, your collection can also grow in value.


The best way to develop your love of art and become more confident in your taste is to view all styles of art to find out what you like. We call this honing your “eye.”

Everyone has an eye. For most of us, all we need to do is develop it by seeing as much as as we can. It is just like being a great wine connoisseur; you have to drink many types of wine to develop your nose.

We have a few suggestions if you are in D.C., NYC, or L.A. in our new Spring 2015 Art Guide, but you can also find great art in your local city by visiting museums and galleries. If you are unable to step away, there are some great online art destinations including:

The best way to feel comfortable with the idea of starting an art collection is by gaining an understanding of your own person aesthetic and what you like. When you are looking at the artwork, make notes on what you are drawn to. Do you like figurative work, abstraction, bright colors or muted tones? Does the work have to have meaning to you, or do you prefer whimsical work?


The easiest way to create a cohesive collection is to start with the end in mind. This is why the first step in developing your eye is so important. Once you know what you like, selecting a “theme” will be the next natural progression.

A theme is a broad category or cohesive idea, and examples include subject matters like social-political or gender, time periods, or media styles (e.g. paintings or sculpture), to name a few. Having a theme helps you remain focused when you purchase new work.


You can buy investment-grade fine art through museum fundraisers, fine art programs, thesis exhibitions and online through Paddle8 or The Agora Culture. The most important thing to remember about collecting art is that you make the leap.

If you follow our easy steps to starting an art collection, you will not regret your purchase. In fact, you can see a list of seasoned collectors who have great collections for us to aspire.

An art collection is great for two reasons. You will increase your investment portfolio and you will also be living with artwork that you lovingly selected.

Starting your own art collection is really the best of both worlds.

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Jessica Stafford Davis

Author: Jessica Stafford Davis

The Agora Culture launched in July, 2013 with a private reception in Mclean, Virginia for Mequitta Ahuja, a world-renowned mixed media artist. Subsequently, she co-curated her first exhibition, “Women as Color Light and Form”, with the Galerie Myrtis in Baltimore, Maryland. The exhibition was a part of Network Exhibition Sondheim awards for the 2013 Artscape festival, America’s largest free arts festival. Jessica currently serves on the board at The Washington Project of the Arts and the George Mason University School of Art Council.

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